Morning Flight – 31 August 2014

I guess we may have almost forgot it was summer until the hot and heavy air and lack of any songbird activity set in at dawn, today. Then again it was really cool to get the reminder that summer is still here and there are plenty of other birds active in the area. A Great Black-backed Gull pursued a Parasitic Jaeger with long, slanting approaches. After the dwarfed-looking jaeger seemed tired and beaten it sat on the water within our view while it pulled itself together. A high north-flying Brown Pelican passed soon after the jaeger. Later on, a Blackpoll Warbler gleaned through some Baccharis trees next to the main path up the dike.

       Weather and time: sunny and humid; 74–79 ºF; winds SW at 3-7 mph; 80% cloud cover; very good visibility; 0627 sunrise; 2.25 hours.
       Morning Flight Count totals

Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus)  2

That's right, just 2 BOBOs are the only birds I had the gumption to count for the Morning Flight Project. But click on the eBird checklist below to find out about all the birds seen this AM.

Today's full list can be viewed at:

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