Morning Flight - Monday, August 12, 2019

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of updates recently; we had a couple quiet days and then I was out of commission over the weekend due to a sprained ankle (major thanks to our amazing count coordinator, Tom Reed, for filling in for me during that time!).

This morning started out pleasantly cool and calm, but unfortunately no winds = no birds so the count period was pretty quiet. A couple Northern Waterthrush and American Redstart, along with a single Yellow Warbler, comprised the entirety of this morning's Warbler flight. Singles of Eastern Kingbird and Orchard Oriole rounded out the passerines.

The Delaware Bay featured a bit of activity this morning, with several hundred Laughing Gulls visible through the gap at all times. Mixed in with this flock were all of the more common Tern species, and a single Black Tern was certainly the highlight of the morning! Another highlight came in the form of sixteen Brown Pelicans, which flew in circles for a bit before departing to the north.

I suspect that tomorrow will be another quiet morning with south winds overnight. Wednesday is looking a bit more promising, after some light NW winds on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

See you in the field!

Jerald Reb

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