Seawatch - December 10-16

What started off as a good week with good scoter movement and diversity ended as a very slow week with little movement.  Here are the totals:

December 10: 4532
December 11: 2675
December 12: 970
December 13: 1584
December 14: 648
December 15: 396
December 16: 606

Tom Reed had a good Monday and Tuesday highlighted by a Razorbill, Cackling Goose, Red-necked Grebe, and a Black-legged Kittiwake, along with a couple thousand scoters. The rest of the week afterward, however, was very slow with very little movement.  Check out the individual day totals to see more details!

Stay tuned for our last week of the count!  As a little sneak preview, we've had at least a couple Razorbills so far...

David Weber

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