Seawatch - Wednesday & Thursday, December 6-7, 2017

It seems like Seawatch is finally starting to slow down with only 3,000 bird counted on Wednesday and 1,200 on Thursday. Wednesday's highlights included a late (and far) Parasitic Jaeger, a single Snow Bunting, and 2 Great Cormorants foraging along the jetty. Thursday was much quieter but there was some pretty sweet Peregrine Falcon drama in the afternoon as two birds battled it out right over the jetty (presumably over a prey item that I didn't see). It looks like the weather is about to turn and actually feel like winter (cold, wind, and snow??) but we'll see what goodies may come our way at Avalon.

Wednesday's totals:

Thursday's totals:

Photo time!

It's pretty fun having TWO Great Cormorants hanging out with you all day.
These Peregrines seem happy enough...
I spoke too soon! They DO NOT like each other!
They eventually departed ways with all feathers intact.

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