Morning Flight, 22 August, 2015

And Worm-eating right in front! Is that a Tennessee and a Bay-breasted together? Yes! What is this swirl of Eastern Kingbirds up to?

We really kicked into high gear this morning, early season style. A dozen birders met up to experience a great flight of neotropical migrants, with over 200 warblers of 17 species. This was the first big push since August 13th, which was before the official first day of the count, this past Sunday.

I apologize to my cohorts on the behalf of the action of one particular rare bird seen today. I shouted, almost screamed "Golden-winged Warbler!!! Adult male!" as a Vermivora chrysoptera plunged downward and over the road below. I was the only one to get on it but what a look, albeit a brief one, of such a distinctive, prized bird.

We had some other cool things like early Palm Warbler (nice pick Sam Galick!) and Yellow-rumped Warblers.

The next week looks really promising. Hope to see you up there!

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