View from the Platform 10-13-08

Location: Cape May Bird Observatory Hawk Watch Site
Number of species: 28

Although the number of raptors was fairly low today, there was plenty of eye candy around the platform! The ever-increasing diversity of Bunker Pond's waterfowl now includes a ruddy duck, ring-necked duck, greater scaup, and more. An awesome flock of tree swallows, along with 2 stowaway barn swallows, made their presence known by continuously skimming the pond for a drink and swarming the bayberry bushes. There were 2 incidences of perched raptors throughout the day: morning visitors were able to watch a perched osprey eat a fish for breakfast while an immature bald eagle rested for about 45 minutes in the late afternoon. As I already said-AWESOME eye candy for birders!!

Canada Goose-X
Mute Swan-3
American Wigeon-63
American Black Duck-1
Blue-winged Teal-2
Northern Shoveler-6
Northern Pintail-3
Green-winged Teal-52
Greater Scaup-1
Ruddy Duck-1
Great Egret-1
Snowy Egret-1
Herring Gull-X
Great Black-backed Gull-X
Caspian Tern-1
Belted Kingfisher-2
Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)-1
Tree Swallow-115
Barn Swallow-2
Carolina Wren-2
Northern Mockingbird-1
Yellow-rumped Warbler-4
Northern Cardinal-1
Eastern Meadowlark-4
House Sparrow-35

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